Friday, October 21, 2016

What Do You Know…The Purple Purse!

Hello Everyone!

Long time no sew…not really, but definitely long time no post! Just been too busy! But I thought I’d take a few moments to re-connect with all of you out there in sewing cyberspace – LOL

I am off of work for the month of January and suffering with a nasty cold! I’m totally bored, so I finally drug myself into the sewing room to work on this project that I’ve been meaning to get to for about a year…where DOES the time go???

Anyway – here’s a pic of the finished project! I didn’t write up the steps for this, because it’s the first one I made, and usually I end up making some adjustments to the pattern after making the first one. And this definitely needs some adjustments! I am planning another one for me (this one is a gift for my cousin), and I am going to make the pattern adjustments before I make mine. Then I’ll take pics and write up the steps.

The Purple Purse Project

The Purple Purse Project

This is actually fairly easy for someone who has basic sewing skills, which is great!

Stay tuned for more news from Learn How to Sew Now land…!

Bye for now!


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The BEST sale ever…!

Hi Sewing Enthusiasts!

I apologize profusely for being away so long! I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia a while back, and it’s taken the docs a while to get things under control. But they’ve finally gotten the meds tweaked, and I’m feeling much better!

That brings me to the subject of today’s post…I received an email just a few minutes ago that is SO awesome I had to come and share!

Interweave Press publishes my favorite magazines and they also make AWESOME how-to videos – I know, because I own a bunch of them! I have some mixed-media, quilting, and sewing videos and I love them all! And they are having a fabulous sale starting tomorrow on their Videos – 3 for $40.00! Here’s the link – go check them out…you will LOVE them!

3 for $40 Sewing DVD Sale at Interweave

I’ll be back SOON with updates on what’s going on in the sewing and craft room!

See you soon!


Here’s a quick pic of a project I managed to work on since my last post:

Key to my Heart

Key to my Heart

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Throw Cushions and More!

Greetings, My Friends!

I hope you are all having a great week! Mine is going well, and here’s a post with some pics to show you how the “Cushion Project” is coming along.

First, I spent most of last week getting all the rest of the pieces for the project cut out and shopping for the remaining supplies (what fun!)

This week I’ve been working on the throw pillows and here’s what I’ve got so far:

First I made all of the piping for the 4 throw pillows for the dining chairs from the printed fabric. (The throw pillows are being made from the stripe):

Sewing piping

Making the Floral Piping

And then I made the covered buttons for these pillow covers. I chose to isolate a flower motif from the floral fabric that fits on the 1″ button form:

Covering the buttons

Covering the Buttons

Sewing Covered Buttons

Covered Button

Aren’t those buttons awesomely cute?!

Then I sewed the piping to one side of the pillow cover to hold it in place, and then I sewed the back to the front of the pillow cover, leaving an opening to turn the cover to the right side. I turned the pillow cover right side out and inserted the pillow form I purchased. I then hand-stitched the opening closed.

After finishing the sewing the opening closed, I measured the pillow to find the exact center and sewed the covered buttons onto the pillow pulling them in to make the “tuft”. And here is the finished product:

Sewing the throw pillows

Finished Throw Pillow

Well, that’s what is going on here in Learn How to Sew land! I will keep you all up to date on the project! Thank you so much for visiting today…I hope you enjoyed your visit and will return soon!

Talk to you soon,


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Cutting the Floral Fabric

Greetings Readers!

Today my post is about cutting the floral fabric for the “Cushion Project”….as I’ve named this project – LOL. The floral fabric is being used for the dining chair seats, the deck box cover, the throw cushion for the chaise, and the piping for all of the striped pieces.

So, in the past few days, I’ve cut all of the floral pieces out, including the bias strips for the striped cushions. I’ve also cut the bias strips from the striped fabric to use for the welting on the floral pieces. (I am going to do a separate post on the bias stripping.)

This floral fabric has very large flowers with a repeat so large it would waste a serious amount of fabric if I tried to match the print. The plan was not to match the print, but I actually was able to match the top and side pieces perfectly. The only piece that won’t match is the underside, which you won’t see anyway! Awesome!

So, if you look at this pic, you will see the 4 dining chair seat tops – all the same:

Sewing fabric for seats

Fabric for Seats

The next pic shows how I have the pieces of each seat stacked in it’s own little “packet”… even though the pieces are all cut out of the print the same way, they were cut individually, so I have each labeled separately so everything fits perfectly once it’s sewn together:

Sewing Seat Cushion Packet

Seat Cushion Packet

Now that all of the pieces of the floral are cut, I am able to begin stitching the cushions….this is where the fun really starts! The actual sewing! Hopefully, by this time tomorrow, I’ll have a cushion or 2 all finished!

And, last but certainly not least, here’s a pic of today’s “helper”, one Mr. Frankie Ferret – HAHAHAHA!

Sewing Helper

Frankie “Helping”

Thank you SO much for visiting Learn How to Sew today…I hope you enjoyed your visit and will come back SOON!

Bye for now!

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Beginning the Seat Cushion Sewing Project

Hi Everyone!

Between last night and today, I’ve labeled and taken apart the old cushion covers for my project. I took care to put more markings on the old covers than I thought I would need, because you just never know what information you may need, even though you may not think so in the beginning of a project.

Here are some of the markings:

Sewing Dining chair covers

Dining Chair Cushion Pieces

I received an email from the customer last night saying she received the fabric, so I went to pick it up today…it’s GORGEOUS!!!
Let me show you some great pics:

Sewing fabric for cushions

New Fabric

Striped Sewing Fabric

Striped Fabric

Printed Sewing Fabric

Printed Fabric

This fabric is so beautiful…I can’t wait to get started cutting and sewing the cushions. The finished product is going to be awesome…oh, and the piping on the pieces is going to be opposite of the fabric for the main body of the piece (as in floral piping on the striped pillows!). This is SO exciting!

Now…while I was out of touch for those few months, I got a new addition to the family…his name is Frankie, and he is an awesome little critter. Here is his debut on the Learn How to Sew website……….Frankie the ferret having a grand old time playing with the packaging that the fabric came wrapped in – LOL!!

Sewing Buddy Frankie

Frankie Ferret

That’s all for tonight’s update, folks…I am going to begin cutting the new covers tomorrow, so I’ll return with my progress and more pics over the weekend!

Thanks SO much for visiting Learn How to Sew. I hope you enjoyed your stay and will return SOON!

Bye for now,

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The Seamstress Returneth…

Hi Everyone!

I just can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted on here! DARN IT! Everyday life has gotten in my way…well, no more of THAT! As of a week or so ago, I am 100% self-employed – working from home and LOVING every minute of it!

I’ve been working on a new online business…non-sewing related for the last few months, and things are finally starting to take off! Woo-hooo!

Now, as for sewing, I have a HUGE new project underway. I was contacted by a previous customer from my dry-cleaning days and she asked if I’d like to take on a job for her. Of course, I said YES! I will be making new covers for outdoor furniture, and again, of course, I’ll be chronicling the job right here starting NOW!

I’ll be making covers for a chaise lounge, a deck box, and dining chairs … in addition I’ll be making an extra 5 throw pillows to go along with the covers. I’ll be using GORGEOUS fabrics in a coordinating print and stripe (which I’ll post pics of in my next post!)

So, to start, I am labeling all of the parts and taking pics before I start ripping the old covers apart to make patterns from. This is the best way to keep track of a project like this. Any questions of how things go together, just look at the pics and you have your answer!

So, here are the labeled cushions before starting:

Sewing Cushions

Chaise Back Cushion

Sewing Cushions

Chaise Seat Cushion

Sewing Box Cushion

Deck Box Cushion

Sewing Chair Cushion

Dining Chair Cushion

This is the start of the project…I am off to take apart the first cushion…back soon with an update!

Thank you SO much for visiting Learn How to Sew Now! I hope you enjoyed your stay and will return SOON!


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Vacation Fabric Shopping

Howdy Everyone!

Last week Hubby and I were on vacation. We decided to stay at home for the week so Jimmy could put a new transmission in his car and new brakes on my car. Now, doesn’t that sound like a fun-filled week?! NOT. Anyway, I did get a lot of time to play with my sweet kitties and puppies. I also had time to check out my fabric stash and make some Kanzashi Flowers. Here’s a pic of them along with my sweet litte Petunia:

Petunia and Flowers

Petunia and Kanzashi Flowers

Even though I didn’t get to do any fun vacationing, I did get to spend a day in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster county – the quilting hub of the Northeast. I purchased some gorgeous batik fabric that I’m dying to use in a project – here’s the first pic – pattern…check, fabric…check, interfacing…check, pins and scissors…check:

Cutting out the project

Cutting out the project.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that my assistant “Little Miss Muffet” is all ready to help?

Hopefully, the project will proceed along quickly. I’ll keep the pictures and descriptions coming.

Thanks for stopping by “Learn How to Sew” today! Please come back soon!

Bye for now,


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Vacation Time/Sewing Time

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are all having a super week! It’s Wednesday evening in these parts…two more days until this seamstress is on VACATION! Nine days of glorious non-work related activities coming up. We don’t have any plans for actual “vacationing”, I think we are just going to wing it and see what happens. We’ve been giving serious consideration to having a stay-at-home and do nothing but what we feel like vacation for a while now, and I think this is going to be it.
That suits me just fine…although I would like to spend a day at the zoo :)

I am hoping to get some type of sewing/art/craft project done – not sure what. I am also planning to spend some time working at my online business projects. I have a goal to be totally done working outside my home by the end of this year, and a whole week at home to research products would really be helpful!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I have too many projects I want to do! I get so confused! I must have 5 or 6 projects in various stages of completion…maybe I should just pick one of those and finish it next week – oh, I just don’t KNOW! Yikes! Maybe I’ll make hubby come into the sewing room and pick one for me…

Well, friends, be sure to know that whatever I decide will end up here ASAP. And if anyone of you have any suggestions, I’m all ears – or I guess in the case of the internet, I’m all eyes. Thanks for visiting “Learn How to Sew”-land today.

Talk to you soon!


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Free “Sewing” Weekend!

Happy Friday, All!

Work at the shop has been a bit slow the last 2 or 3 weeks – NO complaints here! I’m delighted to have a bit of time off. I could really get used to 4 day weeks!

This weekend Hubby is going to his brother’s for the annual “boys weekend”. All 5 brothers get together and do “guy” things for a weekend. Probably is a good thing the “girls” aren’t invited – we’d probably be grossed out big-time.

That leaves me to figure out what to do with myself for these 3 days. How I’d LOVE to make a sewing project part of the mix, but it is going to be over 90 degrees (F) all weekend, and there is no AC in the sewing room :( Maybe I could dream up a mixed media project that I can work on by hand in the nice, cool air-conditioned bedroom. Any ideas?

I would brave the heat for the “purse project” I mentioned in my previous post if I could find some suitable fabric to make it out of. I just can’t seem to find anything I really like…nothing is jumping out and say “pick me, pick me”! I find that a tad crazy, actually…I never have problems finding fabric for anything!?

Maybe I need a cool drink and a nap…inspiration might strike in a dream. Be sure I’ll let you know as soon as I come up with something. Thanks for listening to my ramble and for visiting “Learn How to Sew” today! Seriously, leave me a comment with any suggestions for projects and/or tutorials – I love hearing from my readers!

Talk to you soon!


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Going to Learn How to Sew a Purse!

Happy Summer Everyone!

It’s really HOT today here in the Northeast USA – so glad I have AC in my home office! Unfortunately, I don’t have AC in my sewing room :( so I am blogging instead of sewing. I guess blogging about sewing is almost as good as the real thing…well, maybe not quite.

Anyway, since it’s been a while since I’ve posted here, I thought I’d give you all a little update on life in learn-how-to-sew land. Of course, it was just prom and wedding season, so I was CRAZY busy for the past few months! It’s finally started to slow down enough for me to catch my breath and get back to my blog and to planning some summer sewing projects.

This summer I’ve decided to learn how to sew a purse – not just a tote, but a purse. My cousin gave me a pattern recently that belonged to her daughter and I just HAVE to make a few of these…not only am I excited to make one for myself, but I think they will make awesome gifts for friends and family.

What’s so cool about this pattern is that it is a purse and then it has an overlay that attaches with buttons so you can make different overlays and change them up for a new look! I think it’s great, and it gives me a fabulous reason to go fabric shopping!!!

I love all the fantastic quilting cottons I see online, but I don’t have the patience to quilt, so I don’t buy them. I think you’ll agree that this project is the PERFECT place to use some of those fabrics!! And wouldn’t you know it, hubby is going to an auction tomorrow in the Lancaster, PA area. (This is where the Amish live, and they have literally dozens of fabric shops in every town! A fabric lover’s paradise!) I believe I may have to to tag along :)


Purse Pattern


Close up of purse pattern

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Thanks so much for visiting Learn How to Sew today – please come back soon!


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